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Top 12 Favorites

Regular Flavors: $3.25 per cupcake (12 cupcake minimum)

Top 3 regular flavor favorites

1) Raspberry with lemonade buttercream#1 Seller

2) Pumpkin with cinnamon buttercream 

3) Banana with caramel buttercream

Specialty Flavors and Velvets: $4.00 per cupcake (12 cupcake minimum)

Top 9 Specialty cupcake favorites: 

4) Devil's food cupcake with mint buttercream topped with Andes mint pieces

5) Carrot cupcake with maple syrup cream cheese icing

6)  Pineapple upside-down cupcake with cherry inside vanilla buttercream & cherry garnish 

7) Chicken & Waffles- Pancake cupcake with maple syrup buttercream topped with crispy chicken skin garnish

8) White Velvet with orange oil buttercream

9) Breakfast cupcake - pancake cupcake with maple syrup buttercream topped with candied bacon

10) Butternut squash cupcake with cinnamon buttercream

11) Devil's Food filled with caramel pastry cream, peanut bitter whipped buttercream

12) Guinness Stout cupcake with chocolate mousse buttercream


Special requests are always welcome! I can email a list of flavors and colors upon request.

Special order cakes or catering email for a quote.